Rio Valentine

She began her career as the first ever contract star for Cezar Capone as Morgan Dayne. In time she would become a contract star with Digital Playground and be known as Rio Valentine. Although Rio Valentine has only been in the industry a short amount of time, she has already made a big splash and here you will find her biography, exclusive reviews of her movies. movie trailers and much more!

Morgan Dayne
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Rio Valentine was born on October 07, 1989 in a small town in New Jersey that was built to be a utopian society by its founder. The first houses in Vineland, NJ were built in 1862. In time the town would grow to a population of nearly 60,000 but it was still to small and confining for the likes of Rio Valentine. She wanted to get out and see the world. The U.S. Census shows that the average family in her hometime of Vineland, NJ makes an average of about $40,076 a year. With her new line of work, Rio Valentine could easily make that in a month.

In 2010 Rio Valentine aka Morgan Dayne confirmed she is no longer with Digital Playground. You can read more about that on her biography page.

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