Rio Valentine was born on October 7, 1989 in Vineland, New Jersey but when she was about 8 her family moved to Florida and she ended up graduating from Lecanto High School in the very very small town of Lecanto, Florida. This town has in all less than 6,000 people in it.

Morgan Dayne

At the tender age of 16 Rio she got married to a man in the Military, a vet who had just returned home from Iraq. The two were married just over 2 years. When that didn't work out she found her way to the beaches of Miami and eventually was discovered by a man who at the time was getting a lot of critical acclaim for his work for the Jenna Jameson brand of videos called Club Jenna. It was about this time he was going to branch out and start his own studio that would come to be known as Cezar Capone and she would become his first ever contract star, Morgan Dayne. The pair worked together for about a year and right off the fans loved her. Many said she looked like a young Taylor Hayes. Here is a photo of the two side by side so you can see for yourself just exactly how much the two really do look alike.

Taylor Hayes and Rio Valentine

In January of 2009 Morgan Dayne's contract company Cezar Capone was in talks with a bigger studio to do a special movie. Morgan Dayne was excited about having the chance to get to work with such big named people in the industry. About a month later she was approached by one of the people from that bigger studio about signing with them. It was something she really wanted so she parted ways with Cezar Capone but due to some legal hassle she couldn't use the name Morgan Dayne anymore and from that moment on she became Rio Valentine.

Around June 6, 2009 Rio Valentine went to LA to officially begin working as a Digital Playground contract girl. Her first feature film to be released through them would be called WHORE IT UP. It was officially released on December 22, 2009.

Rio Valentine got her start in the industry by going to an open casting call for a Playboy TV reality series to be called The Sex Life (season 1). During this show however I think she was known as Morgan Daye (not Morgan Dayne). This show was basically a reality show that pits 3 porn stars against 3 models to see who can win. The three porn stars were Morgan Dayne, Brooke Banner and Britney Blue. Little else is known about the series, other than it will PERHAPS air on Playboy TV sometime in the near future.

Morgan Dayne in Sex Lives

About two months after she began working with Digital Playground it was revealed that she was pregnant and would be on temporary hiatus from adult work. After having her baby in 2010, Digital Playground and Rio Valentine officially parted ways. At this time Rio Valentine (aka Morgan Dayne) is enjoying time with her daughter.

In 2010 Rio Valentine aka Morgan Dayne confirmed she is no longer with Digital Playground. Here is her official response to that news.

I was released from my contract last month instead of at the beginning of my pregnancy, to my surprise as well as yours. The fact that I was signed to Digital Playground was nothing but a blessing in the beginning. It was the right move for me in advancing my career in the right direction.

I have to be honest though, the end result of me being released is a more attractive alternative than continuing to not have my films promoted to the fervor or extent of some of the other talent Digital has in their stable. I donít know if it was intentional, but I think it was blatantly obvious to any onlooker that there are particular members of Digital that receive a substantially larger push from PR and the company as a whole.

I have nothing but gratitude for the opportunity, but my stamp on the industry being what it was, and where it was going, was not advantageous for me. Iíve grown in leaps and bounds over a short period of time and Iím making decisions that are for the betterment of my family and I. Good luck to the remaining roster of DP, I hope your run in the company goes better for you.

Nothing but Love and respect to everyone that has and will continue to give me support throughout my career and life in general.

Morgan/Rio or whatever you want to call me now :) Ēboo boo kitty fuckĒ